We wish you a pleasant work with the multimedia learning programme for Czech on CD-ROM.

This e-learning application has been produced by the Department of Foreign Languages at The 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in co-operation with Fenomen multimedia, a.s. within the grant project GAUK 288/2001-3.

System requirements

Structure of the programme

The e-learning tool is composed of 40 modules organised in 4 levels - Czech in Everyday Life, Man and Disease, Needs of Patients, and Medical Histories. Each module is a set of reading and listening material(texts and dialogues), useful phrases, vocabulary and exercises. Apart from these, there is a stand-alone overall vocabulary with recorded pronunciation and a review of Czech grammar. When you open any module, you will always have an easy access to the main manu, respective level, grammar and vocabulary through the links at the page top.

Texts, dialogues and useful phrases

Texts and dialogues are usually recorded as individual sentences or utterances. Each of these is accompanied by the icon enabling you to listen to the respective recording and another two icons to let you see the respective Czech transcript or the English translation . You can also listen to the whole recorded text or dialogue by clicking on LISTEN TO ALL in the top right corner of the respective page. There you will also find a button for stopping the sound STOP or regulating the sound volume .


The e-learning tool contains an overall vocabulary of 2124 recorded expressions in total. To listen to a recording you again click on . You can also look up words in the overall vocabulary according to the first few characters of the Czech word. The module vocabulary offers a selection of words pertaining to the respective module topic.


Exercises come in several different types. In MATCHING or ORDER exercises you use your mouse to drag and drop respective items. When doing this, the content of the original blank is swapped for the newly dragged item. In LISTENING exercises you click on the icon to hear the recording. GAP FILLING offers you a roll-down list from which you should choose the correct answer.

In case you would like to see a text to which an exercise is linked in a separate window, hold a SHIFT key while you click on the link. This will open a new window with the linked document.

You can evaluate your answer to a respective exercise by clicking on CHECK ANSWERS. If your answer is correct, you will see next to it, if not then appears. In case you want to try the exercise over again, click on TRY AGAIN. This will reset all blanks and in many cases also mingle testing items.


A practical guide to Czech grammar contains easy-to-understand explanation of Czech grammar with many practical examples, model words and linked exercises so that you can read the theory first and then put it into practice or vice versa. The main menu of Grammar section 3 Word Categories lists only the basic information. Details can be seen after clicking on icon next to the appropriate heading. A click on will hide these detailed subsections.